Pressure Washing Mason Ohio

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Here Are two Clean houses in Mason Ohio. ProServe Group used low pressure cleaning to remove the mold and dirt off these two house to make them look new again.

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Pressure Wash Mason OhioSidewalk Cleaning  Mason Ohio





We are on ThumbTack Too

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Awesome Pressure Washing

You can find great pressure washing on also.

Less than 150 psi – gentle is best

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Why do we use low pressure (less than 150 psi) instead of high pressure to clean your house?


– anything above 2000 psi can & will damage your home

– water exuded at high pressures can be dangerous if not handled properly

– despite the higher pressure, the time it takes to clean a surface is 3 – 4 times longer than using low pressure



ProServe will wash your roof, siding and other surfaces using our specialized low pressure house cleaning process. The gentle water pressure hitting your most prized|possession is less than 150 psi, leaving your home sparkling like new.


Spring is just around the corner. Call today to schedule your exterior cleaning!

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Black streaks

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Black streaks on shingled roofs are a common, though mysterious sight. While not immediately damaging, they can prematurely age shingles. Here’s what they are and what to do about them.

Ugly Black streaks

Ugly Black streaks

What makes the streaks?
The black streaks running down roofs are actually a hardy algae called Gloeocapsa magma. As the blue-green algae accumulate, they develop a dark, hardened outer coating, which results in the black stains you see. The algae feed on the limestone in shingles.

The algae will worsen and become more noticeable each year, trapping moisture and causing premature shingle aging and granule loss. If you don’t like the streaks, reshingle with algae-resistant shingles. If the streaks don’t bother you or you’re not ready to invest in a new roof, install zinc or copper strips (available at roofing centers) along the top course of shingles. When rain hits the strips, it produces a solution that runs down the roof and keeps algae, moss and fungus from growing. However, the strips won’t eliminate the existing algae.

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Northern Ky Pressure Washing

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